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27.5″ Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Just as there’s a choice of different wheel sizes when it comes to hardtail mountain bikes — that’s off-road bikes with suspension forks but otherwise rigid frames — so, too, prospective cycle purchasers have a number of wheel size options in the full-suspension world.

But what are full-suspension mountain bikes? First, let’s look at their similarities with hardtail mountain bikes. Full-sussers will have great hydraulic disc brakes; flat or riser bars; most often two chainrings, although single chainring downhill bikes are very common and triple chainrings are possible, too; a wide ratio cassette; enough tyre clearance for wide tyres; and, as we’ve said, an effective suspension fork.

Where full-suspension bikes differ from hardtails is that the frame will be constructed of two separate triangles, which will be attached to each other via a pivot, and will move in relation to each other by virtue of a rear shock. This shock will incorporate much the same technology you’d find in suspension forks, and will determine the speed and amount of travel that the rear wheel moves through.

Full-suspension frame designs can differ immensely. The shock is most commonly placed underneath the top tube or vertically, just in front of the seat tube. The two triangles are most often made of aluminium or carbon. And the rear triangle’s pivot point is normally found near the bottom bracket. But none of these rules are hard and fast and most manufacturers place great importance on the unique technology they build into their own particular system.

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Should I buy one?

While hardtails are perhaps built for speed and simplicity, full-sussers are created to be comfortable, controllable and most able to take on more difficult off-road trails. Full-suspension bikes are the ultimate extreme terrain machines.

That rear suspension means these bikes are particularly suited to technically testing downhill challenges — which is the reason why downhill-specific bikes all feature supremely engineered full-suspension designs. However, what people sometimes don’t appreciate is that an effective full-suspension bike is also a superb climber, allowing the rear wheel to track the ground over bumps, efficiently converting your pedalling effort into forward motion where stiffer hardtails may be losing grip.

Meanwhile, those 27.5in wheels combine the best qualities of 26in and 29ers. They get up to speed quite nicely. They roll well, and can take on trail obstacles without losing too much composure. And 27.5in tyres grip well, too. Anybody riding a 27.5in full-susser won’t feel too high in the saddle and won’t find their bike feels too twitchy.

They’re not perfect: full-sussers are a little heavier, more complicated and not quite as bombproof as hardtails. But when it comes to all-round ability, there’s little to touch them.



Orange Five Pro

Orange Five 27.5″ Full Suspension Mountain Bike – £3,699 – £4,599

The quintessential British Trail Bike, the Orange Five has more than a following, its more of a cult!  With all their Five frames being handmade in the Uk, and a huge amount of customization available on every model, no 2 are ever the same! Simple, Strong and incredible nimble, the five should be one bike everyone owns!


Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 2 –

Giant Trance Advanced 27.5″ Full Suspension Mountain Bike – £1245- £3245

Built to be Light, fast and agile on the technical trails and with Giants Advanced Grade carbon frame this trail bike ticks all the boxes! with 140mm of travel running through giants patented maestro suspension system, this bike will take the really rough with the smooth.

Cannondale Jekyll 27.5″ Full Suspension Mountain Bike – £2,495 – 5,495

Cannondale have produced one of the most successful Enduro platforms in the world, and this year the already brilliant Jekyll has just got better! With both carbon and alloy models in the range you can spend as much or as little as you want on one of the hottest adjustable travel suspension platforms in the market. there’s a reason Cannondale refer to these as their “Over Mountain” range, as they will do just that!

Trek Fuel EX 9.8 – 

Trek Fuel EX 27.5″ Full Suspension Mountain Bike – £2,000

Trek have been making waves for a few years with their 29″ fuels, but this year, they have released the fuel 29er’s Baby brother! featuring 120mm travel all round and a relaxed, playful geometry on Treks Patented Full Floater Suspension Platform, this is a little bike that can take on the big terrain! With Carbon & Alloy models in the range, there is a bike to suit every rider and every budget.

Orbea Oiz 27.5 M-Team

Orbea Oiz 27.5″ Full Suspension Mountain Bike – £2,475 – £7,195

The Oiz is the Formula One of full-suspension XC race bikes. Ultra-Light, Ultra-Fast, a Pure bred Racing machine. With Carbon & Alloy Models in the range, and many different specs to choose from, Orbea have built what may be the choice of XC Racers for a long time to come.

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