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27.5″ Hardtail Mountain Bikes


When it comes to mountain bike wheel sizes, it can sound a little like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Old school 26in wheels — for some riders they’re too small. High rolling 29in wheels — for some riders they’re too big. But 27.5in wheels? Well, they may be just right.

Mountain bikers might have been quite happy with 26in hoops for three decades, and people took a little while to be convinced by 29ers, but the halfway house of the 27.5in wheel size — also known as 650b — has really made its mark very quickly. Now vast numbers of mountain bike manufacturers’ ranges have adopted this standard.

Apart from the wheel size that straddles 26in and 29in wheels, the 27.5in-wheeled mountain bike shares all the common characteristics of its bigger and smaller brothers. There will be the strong aluminium or carbon frame; the hydraulic disc brakes; flat or riser bars; two or three chainrings and a wide ratio cassette; and loads of tyre clearance so you don’t have to scrimp with skinny rubber. In fact, the only other main difference is the specific suspension fork, which will be designed to work with a 27.5in wheel.

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Orange Clockwork 120 27.5″ Hardtail; £999
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From £27.75 per month , subject to status


Orange Clockwork S 27.5" Hardtail Mountain Bike

Orange Clockwork S 27.5″ Hardtail Mountain Bike


With its 27.5inch wheels, 120mm of travel and singletrack honed geometry, the Clockwork 120 is the choice for those looking for a potent blend of quick handling and rapid acceleration.

Giant XTC Advanced SL 27.5" Hardtail

Giant XTC Advanced SL 27.5″ Hardtail


Giant have a comprehensive range of 27.5″ Hardtails from this exotic  XTC Advanced SlL with its carbon frame technology ,through the Talon range, ATX and including the ladies ranges of Enchant and Tempt. Something for everyones pocket.

Cube Aim 27.5" Hardtail Mountain Bike

Cube Aim 27.5″ Hardtail Mountain Bike


Cube Bikes 27.5″ wheeled Mountain bikes range from Aim up to the Electric Hybrid bikes.

The Trek range includes the smaller frame sizes of their smart wheel technology where the large framed bikes adopt 29er wheels. take  alokk at the Marlin , XCaliber , Superfly and Skye offer.

Orbea Sport 20 2015

Orbea Sport 20 2015 only £365


From the Alma race Series through to MX and Sport Range


Genesis Core 20 2015 only £595


The Core 20 is the middle bike in our 3 bike Core range for 2015 and we’ve worked hard to cram in as many features as possible to make your trail rides the best they can be while keeping the pricing competitive.

The 27.5in wheel size was to some extent quite an obvious development, but it was also the first true innovation in wheel size on mainstream bicycles for a very long time. And the results have been rather impressive.

The reason why so many people have adopted this new format is because it really does combine the best qualities of 26in and 29ers. Bikes with 27.5in wheels get up to speed quite nicely. They roll well, and can take on trail obstacles without losing too much composure. The 27.5in tyre grips well, too.

But more than the benefits of the 27.5in wheels, their real beauty is that you don’t have to face any of the bigger compromises of the other wheel formats. You don’t feel so high and removed from the action as on a 29er, but you also don’t feel quite as nervous in the saddle as with a more reactive 26in wheel bike. Bikes with 27.5in wheels aren’t as heavy as 29ers, but they’re more stable than 26in wheel bikes.

The biggest negative is that 650b is still a relatively new format, so you’d expect spare or replacement parts to be not quite so abundant as the longer-established sizes. But 27.5in wheels have been embraced so quickly by the bike trade, even this isn’t a major problem.

So what’s the big deal about 1.5 inches less or more? Actually, it can make all the difference.