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Back in the fun-loving days of the 1970s, a group of Californians took their steel cruiser bikes off-road and, lo, mountain bikes were born.

Of course mountain bikes have changed a little since then. Now they tend to feature strong aluminium or carbon frames —or very occasionally, steel or more exotic metals — sometimes purposely designed for a particular aspect of off-road riding. They generally come with some form of suspension, normally at least a suspension fork. They are fitted with either flat or riser handlebars — definitely not the curved drop bars you’d find on road bikes. They will have excellent brakes — normally hydraulic discs. They may have two or three chainrings and a wide-ratio cassette for helpful gearing. And mountain bikes come with large areas of clearance between frame and wheels, so they can be shod with wide, grippy tyres designed to maintain traction in a variety of conditions.

All of these ingredients are constantly being developed and tweaked, but one thing that had remained pretty constant on mountain bikes until relatively recently was choice of wheel size. Those first, trend-setting mountain bikes rolled on 26in wheels, and for almost 30 years most mountain bikes that followed rolled on the same.

Now things have changed. You can still find 26in wheels fitted to new mountain bike models, but there’s no denying that their popularity has been drastically curtailed by the bigger wheel — 27.5in and 29in — formats. That said, 26in wheels still have their advantages

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 Whilst the 26″ Mountain Bike is no longer the most fashionable wheel size, it offers a

great  compromise between handling and acceleration.

At  All Terrrain Cycles we have a vast range of bikes , which include a comprehensive selection of 26″ Mountain Bike Hardtails for both ladies and Gents.

All are available on 3 years 0% finance, subject to status , making your dream bike very affordable.

Trek 3700 26" Mounatin Bike

Trek 3500 26″ Mountain Bike

Trek 3000 Mountain Bike range is a great range to of entry Mountain Bikes.

Should I buy one?

If you want to spend your time cycling off-road, then a mountain bike is the obvious choice. If you’re not particularly interested on tackling really big, hugely bumpy terrain, and you put a greater value on simplicity, lightweight, speed and a lower cost, then a hardtail mountain bike with only front suspension is where your money should be spent.

But the decision making doesn’t stop there. Why pick a mountain bike with 26in wheels rather than 27.5in or 29in hoops? Apart from the heritage aspect — the idea that proper mountain bikes have always rolled on 26in wheels — these smaller wheels offer superb control because they can be made stiffer than bigger wheels. They feel more agile, too, faster to get up to speed, and they’re lighter — all good qualities for mountain bike riders wanting performance.

There’s one final bonus about 26in wheels. They might be heading out of fashion a little, but they’ve not disappeared, and there’s no shortage of 26in wheel parts out there, from tyres to inner tubes, to spokes and rims.

So don’t count the old standard out just yet.


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