Cateye SL110 Loop Light Set

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All new front and rear safety light from Cateye, world leaders in Bicycle Light technology! The neat little lights are fitted with powerful led’s that are visible from many angles, not just straight on. Easy-fit loop is attachable to most parts of the bike, body, bags etc., the ‘Loop-lights’ provide superb backup safety for you out on the roads. Buy them individually as separate front and rears or as a set:  

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Customer Reviews

5 / 5 stars
All Terrain Cycles

These are brilliant lights, they are easy to mount as no brackets are required. They are extremely bright, so you will not be missed when they are on.
- Wednesday 14th January 2015
  • 5/5 Stars

4 / 5 stars
All Terrain Cycles

Emergency lights are two a penny these days, and you can pick them up for peanuts on websites like Dealextreme. So why pay twenty quid for the Loop lights? Because they're really good, that's why. Easy to fit, bright enough to be properly useful around town and visible from a wide angle, the Loop lights are a class above most of their rivals in terms of performance. The lights themselves are made from two pieces of translucent plastic which house a bright LED and a couple of 2032 button cells. The two halves clip together without any tools and have kept the elements out without any trouble though a dab of silicone grease would probably improve weatherproofing further. The mount is a simple bungee with a cord lock that also sports a hook. it'll stretch round your bars or frame - the back of the light is curved to fit - and you can use the cord lock to secure the light to buttons and zips too. Operation doesn't really require you to nose through a manual - click it once for on or twice for flashing. You won't want to venture off road or anything but about town they throw out plenty enough light, and that light is visible whichever way you're looking at the Loop. Even if you've hung it from your bag and it turns round to face your back you still get a decent amount of light coming through the base. In fact they're so visible from acute angles that the front one can get a touch annoying on your bars; I ended up fixing it to the head tube to keep it out of my line of sight. We've been running the loops on the daily commute for the last month and left them on overnight a couple of times and they're still going strong. When you do end up having to fork out for new batteries, button cells aren't the cheapest but 2032s are among the easiest to find at your local cobblers, or online. You can get 50 for seven quid off the space-web, which should keep you flashing till they invent some kind of free power source made from air to run them. Rate the product for quality of construction: 8/10 Rate the product for performance: 9/10 Rate the product for durability: 8/10 Rate the product for weight, if applicable: 9/10 Rate the product for value: 7/10 Overall: 8/10 Did you enjoy using the product? Yes Would you consider buying the product? Yes Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes In conclusion... The Loop lights are among the best emergency lights we've tried. They're easy to fit, bright, have a good angle of visibility and keep going for ages. They're best with a big light but good enough to rely on on their own. Rating: 9/10 Performance
- Wednesday 14th January 2015
  • 4/5 Stars

  • 4/5 Stars

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  • 4/5 Stars
  • Replaceable 2032 batteries included.
  • Tool free installation.
  • Constant and flashing Modes.
  • 30/50 hours run time in constant/flashing modes
  • Versatile elastic mount
  • Virtually visible in all directions
  • Mount Size: 22 - 35 mm