Trek Procaliber 9.8 SL 27.5" Hardtail MTB Bike 2016

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Procaliber SL FAQ

Is the IsoSpeed decoupler the same one found on the Domane?

  • The IsoSpeed decoupler on the Procaliber SL is similar to the decoupler on the Domane, but it’s been tuned specifically for the rigors of off-road use, as well as for use with a traditional 31.6 seat post rather than a seat mast system.

What wheel size is on Procaliber SL?

  • Being a cross-country bike where speed and efficiency matter, Procaliber SL gets Smart Wheel Size for the fastest wheel that fits. Larger sizes from 17.5 and up get 29” wheels while the 15.5 gets more proportional 27.5” wheels.

What does “SL” stand for?

  • Super Light.

How much travel does the fork have?

  • 100mm.

How much rear travel does IsoSpeed provide?

  • Procaliber SL is a hardtail and hardtails don’t have rear travel. However, IsoSpeed does allow for compliance through the seat tube. There’s a key difference in how IsoSpeed performs vs “soft tail” designs. Most soft tails gain vertical compliance through the seatstays, but the compromise is a loss of overall frame stiffness. Trek’s IsoSpeed decoupler allows the seat tube to pivot and flex independently of the seatstays, gaining energy-saving vertical compliance without compromising stiffness and pedaling efficiency. It’s a smarter way of smoothing out the trail.
    Depending on the magnitude of the impact, rider weight, and riding style, a rider could experience up to 11mm of compliance as measured from saddle to rear axle.

How much more vertically compliant is the frame than the Superfly SL?

  • Our advanced analysis team has confirmed that Procaliber SL is 30% more vertically compliant than the previous Superfly SL which was already engineered to be a very compliant bike. The Procaliber SL is 70% more vertically compliant than the existing Superfly which will be comparable to other hardtail competitors.

How much does the frame weigh? How much weight is added by IsoSpeed?

  • The 17.5” Procaliber SL frame with paint and hardware weighs 1012 grams, about 100g more than the Superfly SL. Our riders confirm that the 30% increase in vertical compliance is worth the 100g weight increase.

Does Procaliber SL feature front and rear Boost hub spacing?

  • Yes! Procaliber SL’s equipped with 29” wheels benefit from both Boost110 up front and Boost148 in the back. This gives Procaliber SL stiffer wheels for maximum efficiency and control while also allowing us to shorten up the chainstays and provide more tire and chain ring clearance.

Does the fork have G2 Geometry?

  • Yes. All 29er-equipped Procaliber SL models feature forks with a 51mm offset for the best 29er handling.

Is the frame Di2 compatible?

  • Di2 will cleanly integrate with any Procaliber SL frame thanks to our Control Freak cable management system.

Can I run an internally-routed dropper post?

  • Yes! Control Freak cable management system allows riders to internally route any combination of cables or hoses for a clean, customized set up.

What is that hole in the bottom of the downtube?

  • It’s part of the Control Freak cable management system. The port under the downtube allows the use of a zip tie to secure the internally routed hoses so they don’t rattle inside the frame.

Is the Procaliber SL available in Project One?

  • Yes! Procaliber SL will be available in Project One August 2015 so discerning riders can fine-tune their spec details and choose paint to match their own style.

What’s the largest 1x chainring I can run?

  • Procaliber SL can handle up to a 36T if you can handle it.

Is this the same bike Trek Factory Racing used earlier in the season?

  • Our Trek Factory Racing squad has been riding and testing several prototype and early production models since the beginning of the race season in February. This is the culmination of all that testing and feedback.

Will it be available as a frame?

  • Yes! Procaliber SL frames will be available in the stock 9.9 paint scheme.

Will there be coordinated Bontrager apparel for any Procaliber models?

  • Yes. There is a matching lycra kit for the Procaliber 9.7 SL focus model. The matching Bontrager kit includes a volt/smoke Specter helmet, trek black/volt RL jersey, Trek black/volt RL bib short, volt Foray glove, and black XXX MTB shoe.
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Size Guide

SYKE SL5'0"5'4"5115'5"5'8"5345'9"5'11"565
3000 SERIES4'11"5'3"5245'4"5'7"5505'8"5'11"5656'0"6'2"5806'3"6'4"5906'5"6'6"600
4000 SERIES4'11"5'3"5205'4"5'7"5505'8"5'9"5775'10"5'11"5916'0"6'2"6056'3"6'4"6306'5"6'6"650
ELITE 8 SERIES5'4"5'6"5505'7"5'9"5885'10"5'11"6076'0"6'2"6256'3"6'6"645
X-CALIBER 5'5"5'7"5705'8"5'10"602 5'11"6'0"6206'1"6'3"6396'4"6'5"6596'6"6'7"673
SUPERFLY FS5'4"5'7"5585'8"5'10"5895'11"6'0"6016'1"6'2"6126'3"6'4"6376'5"6'6"649
SUPERFLY FS CARBON5'4"5'7"5565'8"5'11"5886'0"6'2"6066'3"6'4"6286'5"6'6"648
FUEL EX 26"5'4"5'6"5485'8"5'11"5855'9"5'11"6056'0"6'2"6226'3"6'4"648
FUEL EX 29er5'5"5'6"5675'7"5'8"5985'9"6'0"6126'1"6'2"6276'3"6'4"6506'5"6'6"663
REMEDY 650B5'4"5'6"5465'7"5'9"5795'10"5'11"5986'0"6'2"6156'3"6'5"643
REMEDY 29er5'4"5'6"5445'7"5'9"5745'10"6'0"5946'1"6'2"6156'3"6'4"636
SLASH 650B5'5"5'6"5555'7"5'9"5855'10"6'0"5986'1"6'3"6116'4"6'5"645
SESSION5'4"5'7" Sm 5665'8"5'11"Med 5826'0"6'2"L 6076'3"6'5" XL 624
Size Guide

7.7 FX COMPOSITE5'4"5'6"5215'7"5'8"5345'9"5'10"5435'11"6'0"5606'1"6'2"5736'3"6'5"586
DOMANE 2,3,4 & 5 SERIES5'1"5'4"5195'5"5'7"5305'8"5'9"5425'10"5'11"5546'0"6'1"5676'2"6'3"5796'4"6'5"593
DOMANE 4 SERIES WSD5'1"5'2"5095'3"5'5"5195'6"5'7"5305'8"5'9"5425'10"5'11"554
DOMANE 6 SERIES4'9"4'10"5014'11"5'0"5095'1"5'4"5195'5"5'7"5305'8"5'9"5425'10"5'11"5546'0"6'1"5676'2"6'3"5796'4"6'5"593
DOMANE 6 SERIES WSD4'1"5'0"5015'1"5'2"5095'3"5'5"5195'6"5'7"5305'8"5'9"5425'10"5'11"5546'0"6'1"5676'2"6'3"5796'4"6'5"593
DOMANE CLASSIC5'8"5'9"5505'10"5'11"5626'0"6'1"5766'2"6'3"5896'4"6'5"602
MADONE 1 SERIES5'2"5'4"5215'5"5'7"5345'8"5'9"5435'10"5'11"5606'0"6'1"5746'2"6'3"5866'3"6'4"5986'5"6'6"610
MADONE 2 -5 SERIES 5'2"5'4"5215'5"5'7"5345'8"5'9"5435'10"5'11"5606'0"6'1"5746'2"6'3"5866'3"6'4"598
MADONE 3.1 SERIES WSD5'1"5'2"5095'3"5'5"5175'6"5'7"5295'8"5'9"5415'10"5'11"554
MADONE 6 SERIES WSD5'0"5'2"5135'3"5'4"5215'5"5'7"5345'8"5'9"5435'10"5'11"5606'0"6'1"5746'2"6'3"5866'4"6'5"5986'5"6'6"610
MADONE 7 & 6 SERIES 5'2"5'4"5395'5"5'7"5395'8"5'9"5515'10"5'11"5646'0"6'1"5796'2"6'3"5916'4"6'5"603
MADONE 7 SERIES WSD5'0"5'2"5135'3"5'4"5215'5"5'7"5345'8"5'9"5435'10"5'11"5606'0"6'1"5746'2"6'3"5866'4"6'5"598
Size Guide

7 SERIES FX 5'7"5'8"5485'5"5'8"5395'9"5'11"5686'0"6'2"5906'3"6'5"603
7 SERIES FX WSD5'1"5'4"5335'5"5'8"5395'9"5'11"553
7 SERIES FX WSD STEP THROUGH5'4"5'8"5485'9"5'11"568
8 SERIES DS5'5"5'6"5755'7"5'8"5905'9"5'11"6056'0"6'2"6206'3"6'5"635
Size Guide

SPEED CONCEPT 9 SERIES5'4"5'5"4695'6"5'8"4955'9"5'11"5186'0"6'2"5416'3"6'4"565
SPEED CONCEPT 7 SERIES5'6"5'8"4955'9"5'11"5186'0"6'2"5416'3"6'4"565
SPEED CONCEPT 7 SERIES WSD5'0"5'3"4695'4"5'6"4955'7"5'8"5185'9"5'10"5415'11"6'0"565
 Smooth IsoSpeed decoupler: ride faster, stronger, longer  
 Boost148/110: wider = stiffer, for unprecedented 29er control  
 G2 Geometry: low-speed precision plus high-speed stability  
 Ride the fastest wheel that fits with Smart Wheel Size  
ColourPowder Blue
FrameOCLV Mountain Carbon, IsoSpeed, E2 tapered head tube, MicroTruss, Control Freak internal control routing, Carbon Armor, balanced post mount brake, PF92, Boost148 & G2 Geometry on 29ers  
Front suspensionRockShox SID RL, Solo Air, Motion Control damper, remote lockout, E2 tapered steerer, Boost110 & G2 Geometry w/51mm offset on 29ers, 100mm travel  
WheelsDT Swiss X1700, tubeless strips & valves, 15mm front, 12mm rear (Boost110 & Boost148 on 29ers)  
TyresBontrager XR1 Team Issue, Tubeless Ready, 120tpi, aramid bead, 29x2.00" (Bontrager XR2 Team Issue, Tubeless Ready, 120tpi, aramid bead, 27.5x2.20")  
ShiftersSRAM X1, 11-speed  
Rear derailleurSRAM X01 Carbon, Type 2  
CrankSRAM X1 1400, 32T Direct Mount X-Sync  
Bottom bracketPF92  
CassetteSRAM XG-1175, 10-42, 11-speed  
ChainSRAM PC 1130  
SaddleBontrager Montrose Elite, hollow titanium rails  
SeatpostBontrager Rhythm Elite, 2-bolt head, 31.6mm, zero offset  
HandlebarBontrager Race X Lite, OCLV Carbon, 31.8mm, 5mm rise  
StemBontrager Race X Lite, 31.8mm, 7-degree  
GripsESI Chunky  
HeadsetFSA IS-2 carbon, E2, sealed alloy cartridge  
BrakesetShimano Deore XT hydraulic disc  
Upgrades from Procaliber 9.7 SL
 RockShox SID RL fork  
 DT Swiss X1700 wheels  
 SRAM X1 drivetrain  
 Shimano Deore XT brakes  
 Bontrager carbon handlebar