Vittoria Qurano 84 Full Carbon Tubular Wheelset

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Graphene-enhanced full-carbon race wheels: wide section tubular rim has Perfect Match tubular bed for top security and supreme performance with Vittoria tubulars. High-profile aero model in the Qurano range with 84 mm deep front and rear rims.

  • Perfect Match design: Wide tubular rim profile matches Vittoria tubulars perfectly
  • SwitchIT freewheel: Vittoria Ultimate hubs make tools unnecessary
  • Ultralight spokes: for improved acceleration
  • Extras: supplied with wheel bag, brake pads, valve extenders and foldable tool
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Wheel technologies that work together.

Vittoria’s unique history and experience has enabled the development of wheels for tires and tubulars that match perfectly. All our technical knowhow is working together in harmony to inspire you to play harder.

Wider rim profiles (WST/WSR).

Their research, testing and practical experience shows that wide tubular rim profiles (WST) and wide tire rim profiles (WSR) improves tire performance in comparison to traditional narrow rim profiles. Vittoria wheels are designed to benefit from this improvement. The tread contact area is shorter and wider, so the tire grips and handles better in corners. In addition the tire casing (clincher and tubulars) deforms less, making the tire faster because of lower rolling resistance.

Perfect Match tubular–rim interface.

If anyone knows how rims and tubulars need to fit, it’s Vittoria. The tubular-rim combination must be perfect for security as well as speed, especially at the valve. Today’s deep rims make that even more critical. All concerns disappear when you ride Vittoria tubulars mounted on full-carbon rims with the Perfect Match profile.


Vittoria SwitchIT road hub.

All Vittoria road wheels are built on a hub of our own design, developed by Vittoria and produced in Italy. The internal components are all based on industry proven parts. Our spokes, whether round-section or bladed, are straight-pull. This allows for a construction that is much stronger and less prone to failure in comparison to bended spokes. Rear hubs have an oversized drive-side flange, with spokes laced in a 2:1 ratio. This creates an optimal balance in spoke tension on each side of the wheel.





Vittoria SwitchIT freewheel.


All road wheels have the Vittoria SwitchIT cassette mounting system (except for entry-level models Vittoria Alusion and Session*). Cassettes mount on a freewheel sleeve that can be quickly removed and replaced without tools—easily change gear ratios to tailor your wheels for any course, and switch quickly between Shimano, Campagnolo, or SRAM cassettes,with ultra-easy maintenance.

* Vittoria Alusion and Session do have a hub of our own design, also developed by Vottoria.





AS asymmetric rims build a stiffer wheel.

The AS asymmetric rim is the foundation for a laterally stiffer wheel, by balancing the spoke angles on left and right sides. This is needed on disc-braked fronts, where the Centerlock® sleeve displaces the hub flange sideways out of the center, as well as on rear hubs.The 2.5 mm offset from center on AS rims minimizes differences in spoke tension and equalizes spoke-lacing angles, making the wheel stiffer and more stable.







Carbon-fiber evolves with Graphene.

Graphene (G+)* is the next innovative evolution in bicycle science, and Vittoria is leading the way.

What is G+?

It is “the material of the future” to cycling products. It is a nano-technology material that will help produce faster,stronger, lighter, and more resistant wheels and tires.

What are the benefits of G+ in carbon wheel applications?

The addition of this nano-technology material results in a faster, stronger, more resilient carbon-composite material. Qurano and Race tubular wheels have graphene-enhanced full-carbon rims that far outperform today’s best.This is the future of race wheels.

Graphene-enhanced composites have 10~30% improved material properties. Tests carried out by Vittoria R&D engineers,confirmed by external laboratories, found that introducing graphene into the rim’s carbon-fiber matrix has a great positive impact:

  • G+ reduces temperature build-up
  • G+ increases spoke-hole strength measurably
  • G+ significantly improves lateral stiffness
  • G+ has strong potential for a future product weight reduction

Choosing and using: what works best.

Vittoria wheels were developed and tested extensively with Vittoria tires. We guarantee that our tires mount easily, sit securely and perform optimally on our wheels. We strongly recommend to always pair the best with the best! Here are our recommendations.

ProductUsageTire familyExample
Qurano 46RacingPro SeriesCorsa CX
Qurano 60Elite RacingPro SeriesCorsa SL
Qurano 80TT, TriathlonPro SeriesCrono CS
FraxionGrand FondoPro SeriesOpen Corsa SR
Elusion NeroAmateur RacingAll-AroundDiamante Pro
ElusionRacing, TrainingAll-AroundRubino Pro
AllusionTraining, SportTrainingZaffiro Pro
SessionSport, LeisureTrainingZaffiro Pro Tech