Mail Order Bikes from All Terrain Cycles - How much assembly is required?

One of our Cytech qualified mechanics will hand build your bike leaving  you only a few minor parts to assemble. All major adjustments to brakes and gears will have been made for you prior to delivery.

Our mechanic will also complete a rigorous Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) before carefully re-packing for shipping to you; but in order to fit the bike back into its box for delivery, some disassembly has to be done.

We trust that these step-by-step instructions are clear and helpful for you, ensuring you end up with  a bike in perfect condition and working order.

Here's are the steps you will need to follow :

Tools You'll Need (Not Provided):

  • Multi-tool or 4mm/5mm Allen key
  • Pedal wrench or 15mm Allen key (depending on your pedals)
  • Pair of scissors for opening the box and cutting zip ties

Reassembly Steps:

  1. Open the Box and Remove Your Bike:

    • Carefully unpack the bike from the box.
    • Use scissors to remove packaging and zip ties (avoid using a sharp knife to prevent damage to the bike).
    • Look for pedals, a quick-release skewer (if provided), and an instruction manual (contains your bike's serial number).
  2. Secure Your Front Wheel:

    • Remove any packing materials.
    • Set the bike frame upright on the ground.
    • Slide in the front wheel, ensuring it's properly aligned.
    • Tighten the quick-release skewer (if supplied) and check the brake alignment.
    • Attach the Handlebars:
    • Use a multi-tool or 4/5mm Allen key to secure the handlebars in place.
    • Ensure they are fastened securely but not overly tight to allow for angle adjustments.
  3. Fit Your Pedals:

    • Note that pedal threads are different for the left and right sides.
    • Follow labelled "left" and "right" stickers to ensure correct installation.
    • Use a 15mm pedal wrench or Allen key to tighten the pedals.
  4. Fit Your Saddle:

    • Slide the seat post into the frame at your desired height.
    • Tighten the seat clamp securely using your multi-tool.
  5. Final Checks:

    • Verify that the handlebars and seat post clamp are tightened securely.
    • Ensure that the brakes' quick releases are in the closed position.

These instructions cover the essential steps for reassembling a partially disassembled bike and getting it ready for use. 

Providing aftercare recommendations and directing customers to your Knowledge Centre for further advice on bike maintenance and care is a valuable addition to ensure the longevity and performance of the bike.

This comprehensive guidance should help customers have a smooth experience assembling their new bikes.

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