When out on a ride do you ever suffer from sore neck and back, knee pain, uncomfortable saddle or numb hands? If so you need to consider a professional bike fitting service as all can be signs of an improper bike fit.

All Terrain Cycles Bike Fitting Services ensure the very best fit for your new or current Road bicycle.

The advantages of ensuring a proper bike fit are many and include:

  • Ride longer with less effort
  • Increase cycling comfort & position
  • Maximise cycling performance and reduce the risk of injuries

Whether an experienced or a novice rider, getting the best bike set up for you is often a difficult and time-consuming process. Get it right and you feel invincible on the bike, get it wrong and it hurts. Sometimes an incorrect position on the bike can lead to injury and long-term weaknesses and niggles.

There are many videos and tutorials on the web that show the basics of bike fitting. However, these are not personal to you and your individual body and, therefore, are usually not as accurate as a professional bike fit. Everyone’s body is different. Some people have longer legs and shorter arms. Some have long torso’s and short legs…everyone is different. So to be 100% certain that your bike fits as it should, a personalised Bike Fit is a must and could turn out to be one of the best cycling related investments you will ever make.

At All Terrain Cycles we are fully trained to carry out professional Bike Fits tailored to your riding style, your individual measurements and your body composition.

  • Maximise comfort and power on your road bike with an All Terrain Cycles Bikefit

    Bike Size Assessment

    Buying a new Bike? Get it right first time even if the bike is not in stock for a test ride. Make an appointment for a Bike Size Assessment with our Bike Fit Technicians. Our Precision Bike Fit Jig database is loaded with hundreds of bike frame geometries. You can try a bike for size, compare Brands and models before you buy.

  • Saddle Assessment and Pressure Mapping

    Buying a new saddle can literally be a real pain. Take the guess work out of buying saddles with our Saddle Assessment. We will check that your problems are not Bike Fit related and can advise on our wide range selection of saddles. Our pressure mapping tool is the latest hi tech kit to help us determine your optimum saddle choice and riding position. It assists us in reducing saddle discomfort and eliminates numbness at contact points.


Rather than a set menu we charge £100 per hour so we can cater your personal requirements. Typically a fit will take 1 to 2 hours.

There is a minimum charge of £50.

If you have any questions about our bike fit service, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Similarly, if you would like to book a bike fit with our team, please get in touch and we will make an appointment to suit you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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See what our customers say.



Just wanted to say thanks for the bike fit Friday you made it an enjoyable and informative experience.
I went for a spin this morning very happy feels like I’ve been riding it for


Chris completed a fantastic bike fit for me today. It’s the second time he has provided me with his friendly expertise, on two different bikes. A great chap, and a really valuable service (that’s not available elsewhere) that makes sure your bike is set up optimally for comfort and performance.

Stuart Pearce

I had a precision bike fit at All Terrain Cycles last week end, and can't recommend them highly enough. I've been riding bikes for 30yrs,so know how to set a bike up...or so i thought. The whole process took about 2hrs, but the time flew by, every step Matt took in the process was explained, and rationalized. Matt only made small changes to my set up, after taking all the necessary measurements, including adjusting my cleat position, but my god its made a difference. Admittedly it felt like I was riding someone else's bike for the first couple of rides, but this was explained to me, and was to be expected. Matt even adjusted my gears while my bike was at All Terrain Cycles, just because it missed a shift during the bike fit process. If you are considering having a bike fit done, Do It you will not regret it. Thanks to Matt and all the guys at All Terrain Cycles.


I had a bike fit appointment from Chris to try to identify any obvious reason why I was getting knee pain. Chris checked the basic position on a turbo and found it all OK. He then checked my own fitness and advised that the reason is most likely due to tight hamstrings, and stopped the bike fit as he considered it pointless until this is sorted out. He charged me a very reasonable rate for the time spent, and was very willing to share his extensive knowledge about bike fit throughout the session. Thoroughly recommended - the service was tailored to my needs and riding style, which had clearly been listened to and understood. It gives me the piece of mind to know my fit is OK and seek advice from a physio. Thanks!!


Had a bike fit on my new road bike with Chris. He was so helpful, taking lots of time to get the fit just right and to answer all my questions and give me lots of good advice as a new cyclist. Thanks Chris


Chris did a great job with my bike fit. I am now able to ride for long distances with no issues. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Worth every penny James changed my tyres to all season ones for a small fee. As I am novice to cycling he was kind enough and showed me how to do it properly with some tips. Also included was a free quick check all over.


Had a bike fit yesterday for my new Giant bike. Excellent service from Matt, definitely knew his stuff and took time to explain things to me. Thanks. I've just got to get out there now.

Mark Hill

Feedback from Bike fit Why a bit fit? It may be worth explaining why I chose to have a bike fit as this may resonate with many of you. I’ve been riding my Giant TCR for 5 years now and average weekly rides of 30 to 40 miles. Of late, I’ve noticed some pain in my feet and lower knee and wondered what this could be caused by. I’d read many reviews of how a bike fit is money well spent which got me thinking about how I’m positioned on my bike and could this be better. I was thinking that due to riding in the same position for the last 5 years, could I be causing issues for the long term. The fit I’d arranged a Silver Bike fit which was the 2hr session as I felt this was more than enough for me. The session started with Chris asking what I wanted to get from the fit which was to ensure that I’m positioned as comfortably as possible on the bike without putting too much strain on specific body parts. Although the fit was great, it was the knowledge of Chris that was really beneficial to me. As much as I wanted the fit to be right, having the insight into why we were making changed to the positioning made real sense and added really value into the session. The results Since the fit, I’ve been on two rides both 35 miles to see if I could feel the difference from the fit. I’ve noticed a smoother ride with my pedalling more circular and smoother and a more comfortable ride overall. Other things that we looked at and addressed were: • Pins and needles in my right foot: Easily resolved by loosening my shoes as I’d been tightening them up too much! • Knee ache: Resolved by moving my seat for ward 5 cm to ensure that my knee is in line with the centre of the pedal. • Stretching: Learnt new stretching techniques for my legs In summary, I’d highly recommend a bike fit as you not only get fitted by a professional but you will learn so much from having a good conversation with the team member.


I recently had a bike fit with Matt. Firstly, my bike is so comfy now! Secondly, I seem to have loads more power delivered directly into moving the bike forwards, so much so that I have no idea where it was going before?? That in itself makes the cost of the fit worth while. However, I would also like to make a point of saying that spending some time one on one with Matt was great! It was very informative and delivered at just the right level. I have been riding for thirty years however I've never concentrated on the technical aspect of bikes. I just like to get out and ride. Matt, didn't talk down to me or treat me like a muppet, which was refreshing, and his many years experience really showed in his knowledge and the application of that knowledge. All round, a great job. Thanks


Thanks Matthew. Had a few hours in the saddle yesterday and all felt very comfortable with no knee pains or issues whatsoever, so all looking good!

Andy Spink

Dear All Terrain I had a bike fit in your Saltaire store on 10th July 2017 with Chris, prior to me going to the Alps.  Chris was really great, gave me loads of advice and made the changes necessary. Since then I have found my ride position far more comfortable, zero back ache and just a real good posture. The Alps were superb, I said I would send him a photograph.  I did the Col du Galibier and watched the Tour from there on the same day.  Also did the Col de la Croix de Fer plus others too.  Amazing rides made much easier by the bike fit. Thanks to Chris for your time, really valuable and worthwhile session. Regards


Thank you so much Matthew - riding home was a revelation! So much more comfortable and I could feel instant power to the pedal happening instead of trying hard and not really feeling I was getting anywhere!   Huge huge thanks ,    Best wishes, 


Hi Matt,   Thanks. Bike fit is great so far. I haven’t been out much as resting mostly but so far so good.   Kind regards  


Hi Matt 

Going to try and set up my cross bike but see how that goes I might be back to set that up.

Went out Saturday for 70 so miles and it felt awesome. Tried to ring when I got in to thank you but no one answer so guessing it might of been shut, but I'd like to say a big thank you didn't release it would make as bigger difference than it did so thank you very much for all your time and knowledge.    Regards


Thanks Matt,   Did a 50 miler this weekend and it felt great!


Had a great bike fit with Chris today, travelling some 62miles there, it was well worth it. I've had a couple of bike fits in the past, but I have to say, Chris explained a lot more and in depth of how you and your bike should perform and why he changed some of my original measurements. As a member of the Yorkshire Lass CC I felt it was good to support All Terrain like they support us. So, all that's left is, for me to ride the Eden Valley sportive with Kate Horsfall on Sunday and report back on how my bike and new 'fit' perform! Thanks again Chris


Hi Matthew,  Many thanks for this data and for your advice during the bike fit.    Despite the bad weather I've manages to get out on my bike since the fit and can definitely feel a difference, so it was money well spent getting it done!   Thanks again


Hi, I'd just like to give some positive feedback concerning a bike fit I had this evening by Chris. The experience was great. My riding position has been totally changed and as a result a lot more comfortable. Chris listened to my needs and accommodated them 100 %. I will be recommending the service to friends and family, as it was that good. Can you please pass on my thanks for a job well done. Regards


Have to reiterate what Simone says. Fantastic experience and worth every penny [re Bike Fit]


Had both my roadie and hybrid [Bike Fit] done, with Chris who was fabulous, learnt so much, worth every penny ladies xx


Hi, I'd just like to give some positive feedback concerning a bike fit I had this evening by Chris. The experience was great. My riding position has been totally changed and as a result a lot more comfortable. Chris listened to my needs and accommodated them 100 %. I will be recommending the service to friends and family, as it was that good. Can you please pass on my thanks for a job well done. Regards,


Hi Ben, Thanks very much for sending the fit details and for your endless patience!! My bike is in the hallway waiting for a dry day to go out...I took it for a quick spin when I got home and was very pleased with the maiden ride...roll on better weather. Hopefully see you soon when I come back for the bike service. Once again thanks for your help and also to Tom at Wetherby who sent me in your Direction.


I have had two rides since you altered the bike, 33 miles in 2 hours 33 min. And 60 miles in 4 hours 8 min. My back felt so much better I'm really pleased. Bum still sore may call in after pay day and try a new saddle.


BIKE FIT Morning Dan, Just to let you know that I've been out on the bike a few times now, most recently yesterday when I did the Nidderdale 65. I didn't once get numbing of the hand/pins-and-needles. The new bars are also very comfortable on the tops and drops. I also felt like I could put more power through the pedals. All-in-all a job well done mate, thanks very much!