The Outlook for Bicycle Stock in UK in 2021

Its now public knowledge how difficult is was to buy a bike in the UK after March 2020 and throughout Lockdown.

Bike supply during the end of 2020 and possibly for 2021 is most likely not going to get much better.

With a 4-5 month break in bike factory, and equally as importantly, bicycle components , the prospect of the bicycle supply chain returning to normal are not good. With production principally centred around China, factory and shipping capacity are being stretched to the limit.

All bike manufacturers are having to change their approach to distribution within the UK for 2021. Historically they would demand large stock orders from the key retailers to assist in forecasting demand.

Most have abandoned this model in favour of allocating bikes to their Brand Dealers to enable a fairer distribution of their limited stock.

Our message from All Terrain Cycles is if you are in the market for a new bike, see the one you fancy, buy it. There is a real prospect that supply will not be back to normal for 12 months.

Our prediction is that the hardest hit market will be Kids Bikes, with very few bikes expected before January if not March 2021.

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