Got an old bike , need a new one ? Why not trade it in

….yes at All Terrain Cycles Bikestores, we now take Trade In’s.

So if you are looking a new bike look no further.

Be it a MTB, Road Bike, Ebike, Ladies or Kids bike, we will trade in any bike

with two wheels irrespective of age or condition against a new bike of your choice. 

Trade in any old bike for a brand new bike of your choice

This is how our scheme works.

Bring your Trade in Bike to either of our Bikestores.

Select the bike you wish to purchase and we will give you -10% of its value as against your old bike. We don’t mind what its age is or what condition it is in as long as it has two wheels you save -10% off your purchase.

Frequently asked Questions

  • What happens to Trade In’s? – We will ever sell them or donate them to local recycling charities.
  • Can I Trade a bike in and purchase a new one on Finance or Cyclescheme ? – Unfortunately we can’t offer this facility if you pay the balance for your new bike by cash or credit / debit card.

What do I do next ?

Come to one of our stores with your Trade in Bike, one of our staff will help you select your new bike and give you -10% off for your Trade In , it really is that simple !

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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