Yorkshire Electric Bike Co

Electric Bikes are the future

Some say it’s cheating, but we say it’s way more fun! Once you jump on an electric bike, you’ll immediately know just what we’re talking about, and why these bikes are taking the UK cycling market by storm.

E-bikes combine the benefits of regular cycling, with an extra boost of power, enabling you to sustain a maximum uphill speed of 15mph.

Whether you’re just starting off, or you need an extra push, pedal-assist e-bikes are a great introduction to motorised cycling. A combination of motors and sensors are designed to assess how much power you are applying manually and simply add to it, helping you to enjoy your riding experience just a little more.

Battery powered pedal-assist road bikes make cycling not just about getting fit, but mean you can travel at speed in an environmentally-friendly manner. They allow you to try new and tested routes with confidence and ease and make the daily commute to work much more manageable.

Urban e-bikes like the Touring Hybrid Pro models really are the future of cycling for many city-based riders, with crank-drive motors already installed. As well as being very cost effective, these models allow you to cycle with confidence as you can travel at a safe and consistent speed around towns and cities.

A performance electric mountain bike allows you to attack the trails harder and faster, plus you can get another lap (or two) into your ride without getting too worn out. Electric mountain bikes are available as Hardtails (with front suspension) or full suspension (both front and rear). Hardtails are better suited to light trail riding and are more affordable; full suspension models offer more versatility and allow you to tackle even very rough ground with ease.

Just as with regular bikes, different frame geometries, fork travel and wheel sizes are available - including plus-size and FAT wheels - to suit every kind of off-road riding. As with most models, electric or otherwise, we will let you try one out before you buy.